Oct 30 2013

<----- SSL Added and Removed Here! :)

Some things just cry out to be put on a t-shirt. The Washington Post reported this morning that the NSA and GHCQ have been surveilling internal network traffic from Google and Yahoo, without those companies' permission.

In a year of disturbing revelations about surveillance by the US government on its own citizens, this has got to be one of the worst. I'm personally quite upset by it.

Hang on. Can we talk about that slide for a minute?

Slide from an NSA presentation published by the Washington Post

This afternoon in the office we realized the message and smiley face would be perfect on a shirt. Wear an intrusion into your privacy on your chest and raise awareness of the issue.

We quickly put together a shirt on Teespring in the closest thing they had to fake-sticky-note yellow: American Apparel Lemon.

Get it here

Teeshirt preview

The price is set at $20 bucks, about $9 more than the price of the shirt. It seems like a dick move to profit from something like this, so any proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to the ACLU and EFF.

Here's a link to vector art for the "SSL added and removed here" phrase, smiley, and arrow. It would be great to see this meme spread to other places:

Vector art